We Go Above and Beyond When you Buy from #Carteret RV!

Well, it’s a bit of a different approach, but we think you should be ready to take on your environment when you leave the lot with one of our RVs…

Let’s take a famiiar scenario… Many of you love our Wildwood Travel Trailer Models that are popular at the dealership!

When you purchase one of these beauties, we set you up right! No hidden fees, no fuss… We’ll fill your propane tanks and give you a FREE starter kit with the essentials. It’s just our way of thanking you for choosing Carteret RV and appreciating our featured products as much as we do!

Sewer hose and necessary chemicals to get you started, Check! We include that and many basic needs to get you on the road or ready for your final park destination, because it just makes sense… You wouldn’t send a car or cell phone off without the necessary accessory package, and we feel the same!

When you are ready to purchase your first or next RV/Park Model, visit or contact us at Carteret RV!

We are located at 1082 Cedar Point Blvd., Cedar Point, NC

Call: 252-393-2306


Visit our website at www.carteretrv.com